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Last day to register for NYLA 2013!!!

Librarians Association members can still get reimbursed the early bird rate for the New York Library Association 2013 annual conference in Niagara Falls being held September 25 through September 28 if they register by the end of the day today!!! Go to the NYLA registration page by the end of 8/30/13 to do so!


  • Bravo to Rod Watson for speaking up for unions. Too bad many union members, like so many politicians that have benefitted from their support, aren’t ready to do the same. Might be a game changer if they were. Read his piece here.
  • We heard that Occupy Buffalo participants protested the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library's Nov. 5th "Rare Affair" gala hosted by Chris Collins and friends, but this frenetic video is the first evidence we have seen of it: OCCUPY BUFFALO // NOV 5 // CHRIS COLLINS // A DIRECT AFFAIR
  • Checkout this important talk by Eli Pariser if you are concerned about intellectual censorship and/or the objectivity of the online information that you have access to: Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles."  
  • Blatant Berry: The Vanishing Librarians. Sorry if you've seen this already, but we think this 2008 opinion piece by John Berry, Editor-at-Large of Library Journal is worth a reread.
  • Librarians Who Say Mother**** is a wonderful, morale boosting article about innovative, iconoclastic librarians and the importance of libraries on the Canadian site Hour Community. Here's a blurb: There is something subversive about librarians and libraries. The library remains a place where information isn’t bought and sold. Even if you think of them as being fussy and discreet, what librarians do radically empowers ordinary people, enabling them to use information outside the control of elites.

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